If you spend long hours in front of the computer sitting on a ‘regular’ chair, then you are likely to develop a backache. Whenever an individual sits for a long time on a chair that is not of a professional design, there is likeliness to have an adverse physical condition such as chronic neck and back pain which is as a result of the chair not bearing a proper alignment with the body of the user.

Ergonomic chairs are, however, a remedy for such conditions as they are built to align properly with the individual’s body and prevent stress at the various points of the body which are vulnerable to such pains. Before you undertake the buying process, there are some features you need to put into consideration. To achieve the features you want, sit on the chair to make appropriate adjustments and see if it fits correctly. Some of the characteristics you should look out for include:

  1. Chair Recline:

OFFICE CHAIRIt is a therapeutic recommendation that you change your body position a couple of times during the day. This is quite easy with this feature as it enables you to alter the angle at which the seat stands about the floor thus putting the weight of the upper body on the backrest of the chair.

  1. Back Rest:

Check to see if the ergonomic chair has sufficient lumbar support. This is important because it determines whether your spine will be put under stress or not. Make sure the backrest is small enough to fit into the small of your back or curved to give your back enough support.

  1. Seat Height:

It is also important that you see that the chair has a good height adjustment which will allow your feet to rest on the footrest or the floor. The chair should also permit perfect alignment between your upper body, the computer monitor, and other peripherals.

  1. Seat Pan:

This part of the ergonomic chair bears your weight, so it is important to run a check to ascertain that certain features are included. Ensure that it has a tilt adjustment and sliding mechanism. The reclining office chair allows you to maintain a reclined or forward leaning posture while the latter lets you adjust the distance from the backrest as per your height. You should also ensure that the seat pan has a spring coil or dense small-cell foam padding.

  1. Arm Rest:

An armrest that measures a minimum of 2 inches and crafted from a soft material will do for your chair as this will give you sufficient surface area for you to rest your arms.

  1. Casters and Base:

A five point base is advisable for your ergonomic office chair as this will reduce the chance of the chair tipping over. As for the casters, there are nylon carpet casters, soft wheel casters, and rubber locking casters for you to choose. You will want to make a decision owing to the kind of floor on which you are placing the chair. If you are using a linoleum floor, you need to see that the seat has soft wheel casters. Otherwise, you can pick one with the nylon carpet casters if that is what you are using.

So hopefully now you have a better feel for what key things to look for when you’re shopping for an ergonomic office chair. Just keep in mind that just because they say it’s ergonomic doesn’t mean it will fit you ergonomically as you have to position yourself correctly as well

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