Portable Generator Warranty Coverage

A portable generator warranty will cover the cost of most replacement parts, repair and labor. Portable generator warranties may differ from manufacturer due to the name brand of the generator you choose to purchase click here. Warranty information and card for registering your product will be included in the original package.

Portable Generator Warranty Coverage

When you purchase a portable generator, the online retailer will also offer you a guarantee. When failures occur within the warranty period, they must be reported to the manufacturer of your Portable Power

authorized warranty location. You may ship the generator back to the manufacturer for repair, replacement, or a refund here.

Certain brands of generators require that engines manufactured by them cover theengine manufacturer’s representative to perform the required warranty repairs. This will ensure the consumer that the problem will be fixed promptly.

Portable Power generator distributors can provide the original replacement parts, service repairs and warranty repairs if needed. Failures must happen during the warranty period in order forome items on a portable generator may not be covered by the warranty and these will usually include the fuel, other fliuds which are hydraulic, lubricating oil, grease, and anti-freeze. Also the air and oil filter parts belts, hoses and the cost of the replacement parts as the result of the normal use or wear and tear.

Some vendor components are also not warranted by certain brands. It is extremely important that you read your warranty info that comes with your product and register your product online, by phone or by mail. This will provide the proof of purchase in the event that something happens.

Proof of purchase is required for warranty coverage. Portable generator warranties will not cover the repairs required as the result of your improper handling, storage or protection. A guide will be provided to you that will offer complete instructions for the care, use and maintenance of your portable powered generator.

Damage that resilts from negligence or improper care will not be covered by the warranty as well. The warranty will not cover the cost of a replacement unit when your portable generator is being repaired. Abuse, misuse, corrosion will not be covered for a portable generator warranty.

Changes in ownership of the portable generator must be reported to the manufacturer. If it is not and the generator is still under warranty and it breaks, then the warranty will cover it. An online generator retailer can help answer your questions and concerns about your portable generator warranty coverage.

Equipment transfer requests may be obtained from the manufacturer to continue warranty coverage. New customer information and the date of transfer must be entered on this form. You warrantyy coverage will be provided to you when you purchase a new portable generator.

Warranty product info should not be over-looked. You should read the warranty info carefully and submit the required documents so that your new portable generator will be covered by the warranty. This will save you hassle, time, and money too.

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