How to Store Bed Sheets

Let’s admit it at the very beginning that storing bed sheets is a messy affair – there is the mattress cover, the bed sheet and matching pillow cases, all of which should ideally be stored together. Then these become bulky and unmanageable to fold and store individually. Collectively, yes, it does become a nightmare. And when you finally need to replace one, ta-dah – there’s Murphy’s law that never helps you find the best bed sheets that you were searching for.

However, all said and done, it is just a matter of being disciplined and structured and all your headaches will disappear in no time. Just read on the following tips to know how best to store bed sheets:

  1. Bed SheetFirstly, decide on the number of spares that you want to retain. Happily donate or discard the old and threadbare ones to ensure that you do not unnecessarily hoard bedsheets
  2. Next decide where you can store the sheets – it is ideal to store them in the bedroom itself (under the bed, if there are boxes) so that they can be easily found when required. Limit this space to store the sheets – the limited space will automatically help you discard the unnecessary ones and just keep the best for yourself
  3. Next – and the most important step – is how to store your sheets in the allocated space. Firstly, only put the clean and washed sheets together. NEVER EVER roll these sheets or put them in a bundle. One – they look ugly, two – they always consume more space and three – they become difficult to handle and find out at the right time (remember the shady Murphy’s law?). The best way, therefore is to FOLD your sheets and neatly place them one atop the other.
  4. When folding, always, place your sheet on the bed instead of standing – this makes it way easier to manage and fold the large sheets. Place the sheet on the bed and keep folding them in halves until they are small enough to pack. For every fold you make, ensure that there are no creases or dog-ears at any corner.
  5. Once the sheet or sheets in a set are folded, place them in a pillow case along with the other neatly folded pillow cases. This ensures that all the contents are packed together in one place and can thus be easily found when required.
  6. Once all sets have been placed in pillow cases, neatly stack them one atop the other in the allocated space.
  7. It might be a good practice to color code your sets when you stack them (especially if you have a large number) – darker ones at the base and the lighter ones at the top for example. This will make it easier for you to search the right color when required.

There! Your uneasy and messy job of storing bed sheets is taken care of – as mentioned earlier, it takes a bit of discipline and structure, and your issue is well addressed.

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